8th Zagreb Spring 10K

March 15 2025

Race, entry fee and start packages info

Dear friends, the traditional Croatian humanitarian-recreational race, Zagreb Spring 10K, has been held regularly since 2018, even in the midst of the harrowing Covid-19 pandemic. Throughout the years, more than 3000 runners in total attended our race in Zagreb – from complete beginners who find it hard to tackle the 5K stretch, to seasoned Croatian professionals who use the Spring 10K as a stronger training session, and all these years our main goal was to have a good time. Personal bests come in second place in our country – it is much more important for us to enjoy the race, socialize, and raise funds for those who need them most in Croatia (through the Crveni Nosovi association – part of Red Noses Clowndoctors International). This year won’t be any different.

However, considering the Covid-19 pandemic, a small group of foreign runners from Bosnia and Hercegovina and Slovenia asked us to organize a virtual race so that, since they were unable to come to Zagreb, they could participate in the Spring 10K. Accordingly, we continue the idea of ​​a virtual race, so for runners who want to run the race in their cities, we have provided the opportunity to register for the race and enter their result in the official tables for virtual race runners. Of course, an interesting start package will be sent to their address as well.

Compared to runners from neighboring countries who pay a lower entry fee for the virtual race due to significantly lower postage costs (Bosnia and Hercegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro, Serbia), the rest of the world can participate in the virtual race at a unique price of 50 euros. What do you get for that money? Participation in the race (of course), registration of results, participation medal, performance T-shirt and bandana with race insignia.

Virtual race basic info:

  1. You can pick two tracks – 5K or 10K or Nordic walking track 5 km
  2. Entry fee must be paid no later than March 10
  3. Virtual race must be completed between May 8 and May 16 2025.
  4. The result recorded on your Garmin (or other racing watch) or mobile app should be uploaded to the link that will be emailed to you. If you have any technical problems, send an email to info@utrka.com and you will receive all possible and necessary help to register the results as soon as possible
  5. Enjoy your result and wait for your Zagreb Spring 10K start package to arrive to your address

Welcome to the Zagreb Spring 10K, we hope for a nice online racing party and that, when the road takes you to Croatia, you’ll be running side by side with us.